Shri. V.V. Raghavan , renowned Communist leader, was born on 23.6.1923 as the son of Shri. Velappan.

Entering Politics by participating in the Cochin Praja Mandal struggle for responsible Government in the state, he later joined Kerala Socialist Party and participated in the Freedom struggle. He had also to endure Police brutality and imprisonment, in connection with the “Rajendra Maidan” incident, during this time.

A strong supporter of the cause of have nots and downtrodden, he joined CPI, during his period of imprisonment in 1948 and worked among labourers and organised underground activities for two years. His acquaintance with Shri. C. Achutha Menon, who became his brother - in- law later, served a great deal, to mould his political outlook profoundly.

Shri. Raghavan became elected to Kerala Legislative Assembly twice, from Cherpu constituency, as Communist Party member in the 8th and 9th KLA. Shri. Raghavan served as the Minister for Agriculture in the E.K. Nayanar Ministry from 2.4.87 to 17.6.1991. He was the chief architect of the innovative group farming scheme, ‘Fayalil ninnum Vayalilekku’. Shri. Raghavan subsequently became elected to Lok Sabha in 1996 and 1998 from Thrissur Parliamentary constituency and to the Rajya Sabha also , later in 2000.

Earlier , he had also been elected to the Thrichur Municipal Council thrice.
A lover of literature and arts, he has published many articles and has also authored a book ‘In the Land of Lenin’, which had won the Soviet Land Nehru award in 1977. His wife is Smt. C. Sathyabhama and they have one son and one daughter.

Shri. V.V. Raghavan expired on 27.10.2004, while serving as a member of Rajya Sabha.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on 10.2.2005.






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