Shri. V.P. Ramakrishna Pillai, senior R.S.P. leader, was born as the son of Shri. Parameswaran Pillai on November 12, 1931.

During student life, he was very much active in students movements. Subsequently he joined the K.S.P. Later, when the RSP was formed under the leadership of Shri R. Sreekantan Nair, Shri. T.K. Divakaran and others, he joined the new party. Shri. Ramakrishna Pillai became elected to KLA in 1987 and 1996 from Eravipuram, as an R.S.P. candidate. Shri. Ramakrishna Pillai held the portfolio of Irrigation and Labour, in the Nayanar Ministry from 7.1.1998 to 13.5.2001.

A Member of RSP National Committee and State Secretariat, he was likewise Secretary, RSP Kollam District Committee. Shri. Pillai had served as Editor of “Pravaham” fortnightly. He has been at the helm of affairs of many trade unions affiliated to the U.T.U.C. He is also the former
Director of Kerala State Co-operative Bank, Kerala State Warehousing Corporation, Kerala State Coir Marketing Federation and Quilon District Co-operative Bank.

Smt. B. Bhanumathy Amma is his wife , and they have four sons and one daughter.






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