Smt. Suseela Gopalan, senior CPI(M) leader, was born as the daughter of Shri.Velukutty Thandan, on 29th December 1929 at Thrissur.

Joining the Communist Party in 1948, she was active in students’ movements and had participated in the student struggle in 1947 against the then Diwan of Travancore. She was expelled from the college, due to political activities and had to study in four colleges for completing her B.A.Course. She had been jailed for 16 months during 1965-66. During the Emergency period she was detained for one week.

Before becoming a Member of the Assembly she was thrice elected to Lok Sabha in 1967, 1980 and 1991. During her tenure as an MP she was Member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Amendment to Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, during 1981-84. She also served as a Member of the Joint Select Committee on Amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure, during the same period.

Smt. Suseela Gopalan became elected to KLA in 1996 from Ambalapuzha constituency as a CPI(M) candidate. She was the Minister for Industries from 20.5.1996 to 13.5.2001 in the E.K.Nayanar Ministry.

She was also very much involved in literary activities and had translated the book “ The Golden Flower” from English to Malayalam. During a long public life, Smt.Suseela Gopalan has served at different times as Member, Central Committee of CPI(M) since 1978, and Kerala State Secretariat of CPI(M). She was Secretary, Kerala Mahila Sangham, Women’s Federation, Kerala Working Women’s Co-ordination Committee, President, Kerala Coir Workers’ Centre, Vice President, All India CITU, Kerala Union CITU , President, All India Democratic Women’s Association and its General Secretary.

Alongwith, she was also the Chairperson, Kerala Circle Co-ordination Committee for NFPTE and was Member, Industries Standing Committee during 1992-95, besides being a member of Coir Board for 12 years. A doyen among the Communist leaders, the late Shri. A.K.Gopalan, was her husband and they have one daughter.

Smt. Suseela Gopalan expired on 19.12.2001.
The Assembly paid its homage to her on 11.3.2002.






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