Dr. A. Subba Rao, senior leader of the CPI, was born as the son of Dr. A. Krishnayya in October 1919.

A medical practitioner by profession, Dr. Rao entered politics through freedom struggle and participated in the Quit India Movement . He had been arrested and even had to undergo three years rigorous imprisonment in the Alipore jail.

Joining the CPI in 1951, Dr. Rao had been elected also to Rajya Sabha in 1958 and served as a member till April 1964. He was subsequently elected to the 6th KLA from Manjeswar constituency in 1980 as a CPI candidate.

Dr. Rao served as the Minister for Irrigation in the E.K.Nayanar Ministry from 25-1-1980 to 20-10-1981. In the 7th KLA also he was a member representing the Manjeswar constituency.

Dr. Rao played an active role in various fields such as Kisan Sabha, Trade Unions and cultural organisations like “Janatha Ranga Bhoomi”. He represented the linguistic minority in the Calicut University Senate. He was also the President, Manjeswar Co-operative Service Society and Manjeswar Beedi Workers’ Co-operative Society. As one who took keen interest in sports and dramatic society, he was also drawn into progressive movements.

Smt. A. Kashamma is his wife and they have five sons and two daughters.

Dr. A. Subba Rao expired on 14-09-2003.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on 05-02-2004






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