Shri P.K. Gopalakrishnan, eminent Parliamentarian and a man of letters, was born as the son of Shri Kunhitty at Sreenarayanapuram, in March 1924. He graduated from Maharajas’ College, Ernakulam and was Gold Medallist for being first in the Madras University in Malayalam in the B.A. Degree Examination. Later he took his Law Degree from Law College, Madras.

Shri P.K. Gopalakrishnan’s political career had its beginning in 1941, while he was a student in the Maharajas’ college, Ernakulam. He was one of the founder leaders of the Students’ Federation in the erstwhile Cochin State. Due to his participation in the Quit India Movement in 1942, his educational scholarship was cancelled. He joined the Communist Party of India (CPI) in 1942.

Later, he became General Secretary of All Kerala Progressive Writers’ Association in 1949 and was arrested and jailed for nearly one year, during 1949-50.

Shri. Gopalakrishnan was a Member in the First Legislative Assembly of Madras constituted under the Constitution of India. Representing the Nattika Constituency in the Madras Assembly from 1952 to 1956, he was the Secretary of the Communist Legislature Party during the period, and was also in the panel of Chairmen of the Madras Legislative Assembly.

Shri. P.K. Gopalakrishnan was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1967 from Kodungallur Constituency under the C.P.I. ticket. He was again elected to the Fifth K.L.A. (1977 – 1979) and Sixth K.L.A. (1980-1982) from the Nattika Constituency. He also served as Chairman of the Committe on Estimates in the Third K.L.A. from 1968 to 1969.

Shri. P.K. Gopalakrishnan served as the Deputy Speaker in the Fifth K.L.A. from 6 July 1977 to 23 October 1979. Shri. Gopalakrishnan was Secretary of the Kerala History Association, Executive Committee Member of the Samastha Kerala Sahithya Parishath and General Council Member of the Kerala Sahithya Academy . He has to his credit the following publications (1) Art and Literature, a study (2). Cultural history of Kerala and (3) Jainism in Kerala, all in Malayalam. He was Chief Editor of ‘Navajeevan’ for two years and ‘Navayugam political weekly of C.P.I. for many years.

He was also the recepient of Kerala Sahithya Academy Award.

Married to Smt. M. Omana, they have two daughters.







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