Shri. N. Sundaran Nadar, senior Congress leader, who adorned the Chairs of Minister and Deputy Speaker, was born at Chenkal, in Thiruvananthapuram on September 10, 1931 as the son of Shri. J. Nallathampy Nadar and Smt. Lekshmi. A graduate with B.L., his political career began while a student. Later, he joined Government service as Grama Sevak during 1954. However, he resigned his job in 1960 and served as a member of the Communist Party till 1964.

Joining the Indian National Congress shortly after, he served as Block President, Vice President, District Congress Committee, Member, KPCC and Executive Member during 1987-90. Shri. Sundaran Nadar became elected to KLA four times, from Parassala constituency in 1980, 1982, 1996 and 2001. Shri Sundaran Nadar served as Minister for Transport, Rural Development and Agriculture from September 1, 1983 to March 25, 1987 in the Ministry headed by Shri. K. Karunakaran.

During a long public life Shri. Nadar has served in different capacities, in all walks of life. He had served as the Chairman KELPAM, Kerala during 1993-96 and was Chairman of Block Development Committee for more than ten years from 1970. Shri. Sundaran Nadar also became subsequently the 12th Deputy Speaker of KLA on July 4, 2001, and has been holding the post ever since.

From September 5, 2004 to September 15, 2004 Shri Nadar also performed the duties of the Office of the Speaker, consequent on the resignation of Shri Vakkom Purushothaman.

Smt. K.Baby Sarojam is his wife and they have two sons and one daughter.






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