Sri. N.Bhaskaran Nair, a leading figure of the N.S.S. and a social worker, was born as the son of Shri. Neelakanta Pillai on 10th July 1919.

A law graduate, he had started life as a consulting lawyer. Sri. Bhaskaran Nair started his political career as an active Congress worker. He had also contested General Elections as PSP candidate in 1951 and had taken leading part in the “Liberation struggle” too later.

Shri. Nair became elected for the first time as a member in the IInd K.L.A in 1960 representing Changanachery constituency. Later, joining the N.D.P he became its representative in the 5th K.L.A, elected from Mavelikara constituency in 1977.

Shri. Nair held the portfolio of Finance and Health in the C.H. Muhammed Koya Ministry from 12.10.1979 to 1.12.1979.

He also served as the Chairman of the Estimates Committee during 1964-1965 and chaired the Petitions Committee from 1977 to 1979 .

He had been elected as Changanacherry Municipal Councillor, and had also served as Board member and Treasurer of N.S.S. Besides, he served for sometime as President of Thiruvithamcore Devaswam Board.

He had also participated in the MRA World Conference in 1962.

Smt. Ammini Amma is his wife and they have two sons and three daughters.

Shri. Bhaskaran Nair expired on 30.8.1998.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on 26.2.1999.






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