Shri. M.P. Mohammed Jaffer Khan, lawyer and senior leader of the Muslim League, was born in November, 1932 as the son of Shri. Fakrudhin Sahib and Smt Sara Ummal. He had his education in Government High School, Thodupuzha, Maharajas College, Saint Albert’s College, and Law College, Ernakulam. Soon he started practicing as a Lawyer and later served as the President of the Bar Associations of Thodupuzha and Moovattupuzha.

Shri. Jaffer Khan was first elected to K.L.A. in 1965 though this did not come into existence.

He was again elected to Third Kerala Legislative Assembly from Mattancherry Constituency. He held the office of the Deputy Speaker from 20 March 1967 to 26 June 1970. He had also been the Chairman of Public Undertakings Committee during 1968-1970, Library Advisory Committee during 1968-1969 and House Committee during 1970-1971. During 1970-1976 he served as a Syndicate member of the Kerala University.

Shri. Jaffer Khan had also been a member of the High Power Committee of Muslim League and the Secretary of Ernakulam District Muslim League.

Smt. C.A. Fathima is his wife and they have four daughters.

Shri. Mohammed Jaffer Khan expired on 5.3.2000.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on 29.3.2000.






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