Shri. M.M. Hassan, senior Congress leader and lawyer, was born on May 14, 1947 as the son of Sri. M. Malik Mohammed and Smt. A Fathima Beevi.

He began his political career through students movement as an active member of K.S.U. , and later Youth Congress. He had been elected as the Chairman of Kerala University Union in 1972 and President of KSU in 1974.

Shri. Hassan became elected to the 6th KLA from Kazhakootam constituency as a Congress member. He represented Kazhakootam constituency, in the 7th KLA as well. In the 8th and 9th KLA he got elected from Trivandrum West constituency. He represents Kayamkulam constituency in the 11th KLA. Shri. Hassan served as the Minister for Information and Parliamentary Affairs in the Ministry headed by Shri. A.K. Antony from 26.5.2001 to 29.8.2004.

Shri. M.M. Hassan had likewise served as the Chairman of the Committee on Private Members’ Bills and Resolutions during 1986-87. From 1991 to 1996, he was the Chairman of Committee on Public Undertakings.Shri. M.M. Hassan was the Secretary of the Congress Parliamentary Party, and Chief Whip of Opposition Parties during 1987-91.

Besides being a member of the Kerala University Senate during 1969-72, he has been a Member, Kerala State Education Advisory Board and Kerala Sahitya Academy. During 1972-74, he was also the editor of the Journal “Kalasala”. Since 1981, he has been the President of the Kerala State Co- Operative Housing Federation. He is the Vice-Chairman ,National Co-operative Housing Federation as well. In the Congress Party, he has served as the President, D.C.C. Thiruvananthapuram, General Secretary , Kerala Pradesh Youth Congress and General Secretary, K.P.C.C.

A strong advocate of the rights of the non-resident Indians, he has been clamouring for their cause as a Minister, and later as the Chairman of ‘Roots’.

His wife is Smt. A.K. Rahia and they have a daughter.






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