Shri. Kanthalot Kunhambu, renowned Communist leader, was born at Pappinisserry on December 8, 1916 as the son of Shri. Pokkan.

Entering politics by joining the Congress in 1932, he was actively involved in trade union activities. Shri. Kunhambu was arrested and imprisoned in connection with the strike in Aaron Company in 1940, and later in 1946, charge-sheeted in the Karivalloor Police firing case. He was incriminated in several other cases also and detained in Cannanore Central Jail and Salem Jail during the early fifties.

He had to spend about two years underground and had to undergo imprisonment for a total period of about five years. While in Salem jail he had also been hit by a bullet in a police firing there on February 11, 1950, which had then caused the death of 22 persons.

Shri. Kunhambu who had worked also as a Congress Volunteer from 1932 to 1940, joined Communist Party of India later. Shri. Kunhambu became elected to the fifth KLA from Nadapuram as a CPI candidate.

He had served as Minister for Forests from 11..4..1977 to 18..11..1978 in three Ministries headed by Shri. K.Karunakaran, Shri. A.K.Antony and Shri. P.K.Vasudevan Nair.

Shri. Kunhambu had also served as State Secretary, Karshaka Sangham and Vice-President, Kerala Karshaka Thozhilali Union.

Smt. P. Yesodha is his wife.

Shri. Kunhambu expired on 16..1..2004.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on 5..2..2004.






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