Smt. K.O. Aysha Bai, an active leader of peace and women’s movements has the distinction of being the first Deputy Speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly. Needless to say, she was the first woman to adorn the Chair. Smt. Aysha Bai was born in October 1926 and had her education at Women’s College and University College, Trivandrum and Law College, Ernakulam. Her political activities began even while a student, when she participated in the Students Congress, in 1947. She was very much interested in working for the cause of peace and took the initiative in organising many peace committees. Besides, she was in the forefront in organising women’s movement in Kerala.

Smt. Aysha Bai was elected to the First Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1957, from Kayamkulam Constituency under the CPI ticket. She became the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly on 6 May 1957 and occupied the position till the dissolution of the Assembly on 31 July 1959. In the Second Kerala Legislative Assembly also, she was elected from the Kayamkulam Constituency, and had served as Chairman of the Committee on Government Assurances from 1961 to 1963. She had also served as State Vice- President, Kerala Mahila Sangham, Member, Central and State Social Welfare Boards and State Watch – Dog Committee on Prisons.

An active member of the Communist party of India, Smt. Aysha Bai was married to Shri K. Abdul Razzak and they have two sons and two daughters.

Smt. Aysha Bai expired on 28-10-2005.








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