Prof. K.A. Mathew, renowned teacher and leader of Kerala Congress, was born as the son of Shri. K.I. Abraham at Eraviperoor on 28th February 1934. A Post Graduate, he had served for long as the Principal, St. Thomas College, Ranni., for a long period.

Starting his political career as a Member of Indian National Congress, Prof. Mathew later joined the Kerala Congress from its inception in 1964.
Prof. Mathew was elected for the first time as a Member of Vth KLA from Ranni Constituency in 1977.

He was again elected from Kalloppara constituency in 1980.

He was the Minister for Industries and Forest, from 16..11..1979 to 1..12..1979 in the C.H. Mohammed Koya Ministry.

Prof. Mathew had served as a Member of Kerala University Senate in 1969 and had attended Lions’International Convention in Atlanta City, USA in 1970 as a delegate from India. A keen lover of sports, he was also Captain of Aligarh University Basket Ball Team in 1956, earlier.

Smt. Rajamma Mathew is his wife and they have one son and one daughter.

Prof. Mathew expired on 28..1..1991.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on 7..3..1991.








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