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Shri. K.A. Damodara Menon, journalist and veteran Congress leader, was born in 1906. After graduation, he took LLB and also worked as a teacher in Burma for a brief period. Like many of his generation, Shri. Menon was drawn into politics through the freedom struggle. He was also imprisoned for nearly five years during different stages of his life.

After becoming active in public life, he served as Secretary of the Aikya Kerala Committee from 1945 to 1957 and President of KPCC in 1957. He had been elected to the Provincial Parliament in 1950 and Lok Sabha in 1952. Shri. Damodara Menon became elected to the second KLA as Congress Candidate from Parur in 1960. In the Ministry headed by Shri. Pattom Thanu Pillai, he was the Minister for Industries from February 2, 1960 to September 26, 1962. He was Minister for Industries and Local Administration again from September 26, 1962 to September 10, 1964 in the subsequent Cabinet headed by Shri R. Sankar.

As one having a rich experience in journalism, Shri. Menon has authored a number of books including ‘Narmakadhakal’, ‘Bhavanasoonam’ ‘Balaraman’ and ‘Thoppil Nidhi’. He had also served as Resident Editor of ‘Mathrubhoomi’ daily and was the President of Kerala Press Academy.
He was married to Smt. Leela Damodara Menon, who also was a member of KLA. They have three sons.

Shri. Damodara Menon passed away on 1-11-80.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on 10-12-1980.


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