Sri. Damodaran Kalassery, a leading social worker and journalist, was born on 8th March 1930.

After school education, he had joined the Indian defence service and had served for two years. Entering public life as a worker of INC, he devoted himself for upliftment of Harijans and Adivasis in rural areas.

Shri. Kalassery became elected as a Member of KLA for the first time from Pandalam SC constituency in 1970, in the IVth KLA. He was again elected from the same constituency in 1977.

Shri. Kalassery served as the Minister for Harijan Welfare and Community Development in the P.K.Vasudevan Nair Ministry, from 29.10.1978 to 7.10.1979.

A member of KPCC and AICC for several years, Shri Kalassery was also its Joint Secretary and Vice President. He was also member of many of State and District Advisory Committees constituted by the Government.
Shri Kalassery is presently the General Secretary of Bharatiya Depressed Classes League, Kerala State Committee. He is also the Editor, Printer and Publisher of ‘Rashtra Sabdam’ fortnightly.

Smt. M.A. Bhanumathy is his wife and they have two sons and three daughters.







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