Shri. C.T. Ahammed Ali, senior Muslim League leader, was born on 5th April, 1944 at Chemnad to Smt. K. Khadeejabi and Shri. C.T. Abdullah.

Shri. Ali entered politics as a student, quite early in life through Muslim Students Federation in 1957. At present Working Committee Member of Muslim League State Committee, Shri. Ali has also served as Treasurer, Muslim League Committee, Kasargod and as Treasurer, Swathanthra Karshaka Sangham, State Committee.

Shri. Ahammed Ali has been elected to the KLA from the Kasargod constituency for six times consecutively from the 6th to 11th Kerala Legislative Assembly. He had been elected in 1980, 1982, 1987, 1991, 1996 and yet again in 2001.

Shri Ahammed Ali served as Minister for Local Administration from 29-6-1991 to 16-3-1995 in the Karunakaran Ministry and again became Minister for Public Works from 20-4-1995 to 9-5-1996 in the A.K. Antony Ministry.

During his tenure as the Minister for Local Administration The Kerala Panchayat Raj Bill, 1994 and The Kerala Municipality Bill 1994 were passed by the Assembly.

Besides political activities, Shri. Ali is very much engaged in social field also. He is Manager, Chemnad Jamaat H.S.S., Member, M.E.S. District Committee, Member, Kasaragod Muslim Educational Trust.

Married to Smt. A. Ummalimma, they have one son and three daughters.







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