Shri C.A. Kurian, veteran trade union leader and legislator, occupied the Chair of Deputy Speaker in the Tenth KLA. He was born as the son of Shri Abraham, at Puthuppally in 1933. While studying for the Degree Course, he secured a job in a Bank. His trade union activities began in 1960, after he resigned his job in the Bank. He was imprisoned for 27 months in different jails and was a detenue for 17 months in Viyyur jail during 1965-66.

Shri. Kurian was first elected to the Fifth Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1977 from Peermade constituency under the CPI ticket. He represented the same constituency in the Sixth Kerala Legislative Assembly during 1980-82 and in the Tenth Kerala Legislative Assembly during 1996-2001.
Shri. C.A. Kurian was elected as the Deputy Speaker of the Tenth KLA on 17 July 1996. He continued in the position till 16 May 2001.

He has been one of the State Secretaries of AITUC, General Secretary, All India Plantation Workers’ Federation, State Executive Committee Member of CPI, President of Devikulam Estate Workers Union and President of High Range Estate Labour Union.

Married to Smt. Thankamma, they have two sons and one daughter.








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