Shri C. Achutha Menon, a renowned leader of the Communist Party of India and a stalwart among the line of administrators, was born to Madathil Veettil Shri. Achutha Menon and Smt. LekshmykuttyAmma at Puthukkad, Thrissur on 13th January, 1913. Being a brilliant student, he studied on merit scholarship throughout his student life, and stood first in the SSLC examination in the then State of Kochi. After finishing the intermediate level in St. Thomas College, Thrissur, he continued his college education in Madras. There he won a gold medal for academic excellence and was a role model for other fellow students.

Shri. Menon, then went on to study Law in Law College, Thiruvananthapuram and scored the highest marks in Hindu Law. After the B.L. degree , he started legal practice in various courts of Thrissur, during which time he began to get involved in many social issues.

Shri Achutha Menon started his political carreer by associating himself with the State Congress, and actively took part in the Congress meeting held at Thrissur. He subsequently became a member of the Kochi Praja Mandalam and later the Communist Party of India.

Shri. Menon became a Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India and a member of its Executive Committee and Central Secretariat. He continued his political activities, even when the Communist Party was banned. He was imprisoned for many years, during which time he was elected to the Travancore-Cochin Assembly in 1952.

Shortly afterwards Shri. Achutha Menon became elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly, after the reorganisation of the States, thus becoming the first Finance Minister of Kerala in the Ministry headed by Shri E.M.S. Namboodirippad in 1957. He was again elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1960. Shri Menon also became member of the Rajyasabha during 1968-69.

When the Communist Party split, he continued to remain with the CPI .The political instability during the late sixties had paved the way for a realignment in coalition politics, which had far reaching implication on the political history of the state.

Shri Achutha Menon assumed charge as the Chief Minister of Kerala on 1-11-1969 and continued till the dissolution of the III KLA. He was not a member of the Kerala Assembly then, but subsequently got elected from Kottarakkara in the bye-election held in April 1970. In the mid-term poll conducted in 1970, he was again elected from Kodakara in Thrissur and was sworn in as Chief Minister on 4-10-1970 and continued in that chair till 1977. During his regime, many institutions like the Sree Chithra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and the Centre for Development Studies were established in Kerala, which later became centres of excellence. He was elected as the State Secretary of C.P.I. too, many times, and was also a member of the National Council of the C.P.I.

A talented writer, Shri. Achutha Menon had authored many books on Kerala. He also translated H.G. Wells' “Brief History of the World” into Malayalam. “Soviet Land”, “Kissan Padha Pusthakam”, “Keralam - Prasnangalum Sadhyadhakalum”, “Smaranayude Edukal”, and “Manushyan Swayam Nirmikkunnu”(Translation) are his other famous works. Along with, he has contributed many noteworthy articles in newspapers and periodicals.

A leader known for his sincerity, integrity and uprightness in public life, Shri. Achutha Menon retired from active politics in 1977.

His wife was Smt. Vellappallil Ammini Amma and they have one son and two daughters. Shri C. Achutha Menon expired on 16-8-1991. The Assembly paid its homage to him on 28.8.1991.






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