Shri. A.L. Jacob, senior Congress leader, was born as the son of Shri. Ligory Jacob on 19.4.1911.

Becoming a member of INC in 1932 he had participated actively in the Freedom movement and Quit lndia Movement, and had also to undergo arrest and imprisonment in this connection. He had been elected to the Kochi Legislative Assembly in 1948. After the integration of Travancore and Cochin, he also continued as a member of the Travancore -Cochin Legislative Assembly from 1949 to 1951.

Shri. A.L. Jacob became elected to the first KLA from Ernakulam Constituency as a member of Indian National Congress. He continued to represent Ernakulam constituency from the 2nd to 7th Legislative Assembly except the 3rd KLA.

Shri. A.L.Jacob held the portfolio of Agriculture in the Ministry headed by Shri.P.K.Vasudevan Nair from 29.10.1978 to 7.10.1979. In the Ministry headed by Shri. K.Karunakaran, he was the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries from 1.9.1983 to 25.3.1987.

He had also served for some time, as President of KPCC.

During a long public life, he had served in different walks of life. He had served as Member, Kerala University Senate and Cochin University Senate. He had also been a member of Kerala Sports council and Founder President of All Kerala Weight Lifting Association.

Shri Jacob was very much active in the social and cultural field as well. He also received the Papal honour ‘Bene Merendi’ in 1959.

His wife is Smt. Philomina Jacob. They have 5 sons and 3 daughters.

Shri. A.L. Jacob expired at the age of 84 on 20.9.1995.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on 6.3.1996.






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